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Shechen Monastery in Nepal needs your support for the growing number of monks who are coming to study and practice. The Monastery provides for the monks' complete education in addition to covering all expenses for food, shelter, clothing and medical care.

Education Fund
Over 300 monks study and live at the Monastery. In the elementary school, 70 children receive a traditional education with a modern curriculum. Older students can enter the Shechen Institute that offers a nine-year college course of advanced Buddhist studies or they can continue to study texts and meditation practices as well as perform in the monastery’s daily ceremonies and serve the spiritual needs of the local community or abroad.

Nuns’ Fund
Sisinang Nunnery in Bhutan provides a similar training and education for women. Forty-five nuns live and are educated in this small rural nunnery. Additional funds are still needed to expand the current facilities.

Would you like to Sponsor a Monk
or Nun or a Shechen Project?

Your tax-deductible contribution of $250 per year goes towards the support of either a child, a monk or nun.

Your contribution not only helps a particular individual, but also sustains the community as a whole. The monk or nun you sponsor is your personal link with the monastery and will correspond with you yearly.

Some of the many monks
and nuns in need of sponsors:

Education Fund

Nuns’ Fund

Help these young people to inherit the richness of their own culture. This is a rare opportunity to preserve a vital link for future generations

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Please print and fill out this form and mail it along with a check payable to Shechen:

Your Name:

Your Address:


Enclosed is my contribution for:

Education Fund

    $1000 for four monks
    $500 for two monks
    $250 for one monk
Nuns’ Fund
    $1000 for four nuns
    $500 for two nuns
    $250 for one nun
Other Shechen Projects

Shechen, Inc.
511 Avenue of the Americas
suite 339
New York, New York 10011-8436

Or download a PDF of this form

(for contributions from outside North America, email shechen@sprynet.com)

Thank You!